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Did you attend the Summit and miss the beginning of the morning keynote because that coffee break took a bit too long?  Wish you can be two places at once to catch both those amazing breakout sessions? Wouldn't it be nice if you could hit pause and rewind during that incredible and insightful talk?  OR... did you just not make it to this year's Summit because of (fill in the blank - work conflict, scheduling, travel)?


With the Summit Video Package, you can now do all that. You will receive full streaming access for 1 year to over 16 hours of video from your favorite speakers*, packed with insights and inspiration. 

As a bonus, we've included full access to the 10 highly rated videos from Mindful Leadership and Mindful Life Summit.

We host the videos here on Once you purchase you will receive a special link and password to a restricted area of the website.

Final chance to purchase the 2017 video. 

  • Over 16 hours of video
  • 1 Year of full streaming access
  • BONUS: 10 videos from previous Summits

  • Catch sessions you missed
  • Discover new insights
  • Replay your favorite moments

Summit 2017 Video Package

NEW From the 2017 Summit

    • Richard Strozzi-Heckler 
    • Rasmus Hougaard
    • Chuck Lief & Susan Skjei
    • Cara Bradley & Darnell McDonald
    • Peter Senge
    • Marvin Riley & Stephen Macadam
    • Van Riper
    • Raj Sisodia
    • Dan Siegel
    • Johann Berlin
    • James Pond
    • Jim Dethmer and Diana Chapman
    • Jim Robinson, Neil Richardson & Willair St. Vil
    • Chris Schmidt
    • Tiphani Palmer
    • Rich Fernandez

    BONUS Top Rated Talks from Previous Events

    • Janice Marturano
    • Bill George, Penny George, and David Gelles
    • Roshi Joan Halifax 
    • Sharon Salzberg and
      Congressman Tim Ryan
    • Frank Ostaseski
    • Tara Brach
    • Rev. angel Kyodo Williams
    • Ali Smith, Atman Smith, and Andres Gonzales
    • Richard Davidson, Golbie Kamarei, and David Gelles


    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is included in the video upgrade package?

    You will receive a password to a restricted area of our website where you will gain:

    • On-demand streaming access to over 16 hours of video from the 2017 Summit, except for a couple speakers who declined to make their videos available.

    • Your access lasts until the 2018 Mindful Leader Summit. The date hasn’t been set, but it will be sometime in October/November 2018.

    • Included as a bonus is streaming access to the top 10 videos from previous Summits.


    I forgot the password, how do I recover it? Who do I contact with any concerns, questions, or technical issues?

    Please contact us at and we would be happy to assist.


    Which presentations were recorded and are included?

    Presentations on the Main Stage and Break Out room were recorded. Friday and Saturday afternoon Workshops and Thursday and Sunday day long Intensives are not included.

    Of the recorded presentations, only a couple speakers have declined to make their video available. The presentations we cannot include are by Nancy Costikyan and Razeea Lemaignen.


    Can I purchase access to just one video or a handful of videos?

    Not at this time. The Video Upgrade Package bundles all the presentations together.


    When can I start watching?

    If you purchase the package within the pre-order period, you will need to wait until the video is out of post-production. We estimate the videos should be ready by the end of November.

    If you purchase outside of the pre-order period, you can start watching within minutes of your purchase! You’ll receive the password as soon as your order is processed.


    Can I share access to these videos with my team?

    Each purchase is for a single user. If you wish to give multiple people access, you could buy multiple packages.


    Do I need to be technical to connect to the videos?

    If you have made it this far in the internet, you can watch the videos. Bookmark the page and have your browser save the password (for convenience). You can watch these videos from any of your devices.


    Can I download the videos?

    We currently only offer streaming access.