Compassion-based Tools for Working with Unconscious Bias & Enabling Inclusion

Washington, DC. 
Sunday, November 12th

A Mindful Leadership Summit Intensive in partnership with



Our brains are wired for empathy and connection, as well as fear and bias. Learn about the neuroscience behind unconscious bias as well as the capacity for human connection and inclusiveness. The focus of this Intensive will be on sharing practical tools that enable the capacity to connect with and be inclusive towards others through core skills of empathy and compassion. Discussion will also include skills that can be used to become aware of and manage behaviors that cause disconnection and bias.

You will leave with tools and practices to identify and create positive changes in interpersonal habits, specifically tools for investigating your own tendencies towards unconscious bias. This program is relevant to anyone seeking in-the-moment practices to raise self-awareness and respond compassionately to the challenges of working within a diverse culture.


Key Content:

  • How the brain is wired for inclusion and learns bias
  • The role of mindfulness in building awareness and management of unconscious bias
  • How empathy and compassion promote inclusion and psychological safety
  • Case studies and scenario playing
  • Toolkit for managing bias and enabling inclusion through empathy and compassion

Expected Outcomes:

  • Develop skill in identifying and managing unconscious bias in self and others
  • Acquire tips and tools for creating inclusiveness and psychological safety in team settings
  • Learn to how to cultivate empathy and compassion as core leadership and team competences

Partner and Facilitators:


Search Inside Yourself was born at Google in 2007 when veteran engineer Chade-Meng Tan assembled leading experts in mindfulness, neuroscience and emotional intelligence to develop an internal course for his fellow Googlers. It quickly became the company’s most popular training program.

Interest outside Google was so great that the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI) was established in 2012 as an independent nonprofit organization. Since then, Search Inside Yourself has become a globally recognized program and SIYLI continues to work with Google, as well as other corporate, nonprofit and government organizations around the world.

Learn more about SIYLI here


Rich Fernandez is CEO of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, a non-profit organization developed at Google that now offers mindfulness and emotional intelligence programs to communities and organizations around the world. He is also the co-founder of Wisdom Labs, an organization that brings the science of mindfulness, resilience and thriving into organizations.

Rich’s leadership brings together the best of mindfulness training and scientific research to create programs that benefit lives at work and at home.

A trained psychologist, Rich received his PhD from Columbia University with a focus on organizational psychology. He is an author and frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review, a neuroscience enthusiast, and a long-time mindfulness practitioner and teacher.


Michelle Maldonado is Founder and President of Lucenscia LLC, a human capital development and business strategy firm dedicated to developing leaders and organizations with positive impact in the world. She is a Certified Search Inside Yourself teacher who leverages her more than 30 years of meditation practice and two plus decades of business and legal experience to create relevant and practical solutions to transform how we “show up” as more compassionate, impactful and resilient leaders.

Her work on the natural convergence of leadership competencies with mindfulness, neuroscience, emotional intelligence and conscious business practices has been presented to leading organizations across diverse industries including Dell, Fitbit, MUFG/Union Bank, TD Bank, Microsoft, Pfizer, Bay Path University, Uncommon Schools, government agencies, and more.  

The Mindful Leadership Summit, in its 4th year, is the world's largest gathering devoted to the advancement of mindfulness and compassion in the workplace. 

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