Time Mastery for Leaders

What if you could break through the time barrier?

Washington, DC. 
Thursday, November 9th

A Mindful Leadership Summit Intensive in partnership with

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As a leader, are you in control of your time?

Are you in a hostage situation … or are you focusing on just those things that matter?  Are you compulsively busy, seeing ‘busyness’ as a sign of importance, or can you deploy time effectively for innovation and prosperity?

At the One Moment Company, we take a radical approach to time--focusing not on time management but time mastery. With life speeding up, change constant, and disruption always close by, we believe that leaders now require ‘time agility’--something  way beyond the limits of industrial-era time management.

We consider time to be not a limited resource but a limitless opportunity.

And we believe that the key to time mastery is all in the mind.


In this intensive, we will share with you our disruptive concepts about time and take you through powerful exercises that help you appreciate the emerging time requirements of 21st century leadership.

We’ll show you how “thinking time” can radically reduce the demands on your time, and how  high-level attention skills can transform your relationship to time. We will help you find the kinds of time you really need, and discover that you may even have more time than you think.

You will also learn why mindfulness--contrary to popular belief--doesn’t really take time and certainly doesn’t mean slowing down: it means being awake, alive, and in the moment. And why just one moment of focused attention can have an enormous impact.

Expected Outcomes:

You will learn how to:

  • Rewrite your relationship with time
  • Deploy time as your most essential leadership tool
  • Revamp your schedule … with mindfulness in mind
  • Design time practices that are aligned with what you really want … while being responsive to new opportunities
  • Use One-Moment Meditation® to boost focus, presence, and clarity
  • Bring ease and excitement to the world of work

Partner and Facilitators:

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The One Moment Company is based on one core principle:


This is why all our consulting and training products are designed to help you liberate the power of the present moment in whatever area is most essential to you: stress reduction, leadership development, decision making, and innovation. Our goal: to help you break through the time barrier.

Learn more about the One Moment Company here

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Martin Boroson

After studying philosophy at Yale and earning an MBA at the Yale School of Management, Marty began to study alternative paths to insight, including Zen, depth psychology, somatics, and theatre.

Marty distilled much of this research into One-Moment Meditation®, a radically-reframed approach to meditation training. Through his book, app, and digital training programs, he has helped millions of people break through the time barrier and start meditating now.

Marty is a faculty member of Mobius Executive Leadership. He founded the One Moment Company to help people solve the problem of time.

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Carmel Moore

Carmel spent most of her working life being too busy for meditation and self-reflection--busy advising multinational organizations on tax management, including Barclays, Pfizer, and as a director at Deloitte and partner in EY (Ernst & Young).

Realizing  that great teams deserve more than busy leaders, she trained in NLP and began coaching others to find time and space to be truly effective. In EY, she was a pioneer on the first mindfulness program.

Carmel left in EY in April 2017 to concentrate on her mission to ease the burden of the working world as a director of the One Moment Company.


Sarah Braid

Sarah was born in North Wales and has worked across the world. She has extensive experience in leading commercial teams, and at present is Managing Director - Operations for Accenture’s UKI Life Sciences business, as well as being a Commercial Director for global client engagements.

Believing that that the world can best be changed from the lens of the mind, she trained in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and has lectured internationally about her unique approach to time mastery.

Sarah became a Non-Executive Director of the One Moment Company in order to share with senior leaders her passion for time as the cornerstone of transformation.

The Mindful Leadership Summit, in its 4th year, is the world's largest gathering devoted to the advancement of mindfulness and compassion in the workplace. 

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