Leadership Embodiment Skills for Inspired Leadership:

How to Cultivate Warmth and Strength

Washington, DC. 
Sunday, November 12th

A Mindful Leadership Summit Intensive in partnership with

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The Body always wins. We can “know” all the right things to do but when we are confronted with stress our bodies revert to Fight/Flight or Freeze. Leadership Embodiment offers techniques and practices that can, in real time, modify the stress response and allow us to quickly recover our Big Picture thinking, Warmth and Confidence while under pressure.

Leadership Embodiment practices give us Choice in how we respond.

We learn from contrast/repetition and doing. If reading a book were enough we would already be the best leaders we could be. Having an action oriented process helps build the “muscle” of a new, more skillful habit.


Key Content:

We do not rise to our expectations, we fall to our level of training.

  • Starting with the bio-science of stress and its effects, learn about hormones like Cortisol, Testosterone and Oxytocin. They can have a powerful affect on our nervous system and neo-cortex. Studies have shown the body’s ability to recover from the stress response can be quick and effective. LE Centering techniques gives us that short cut recovery.
  • Experience our “360 in a bottle” stress assessment. By applying light physical pressure in partner practice we discover our “baseline stress pattern.”
  • Combining mindfulness and the LE technique of Centering we will practice quickly shifting to the warm/inclusive and confident state while still under pressure.
  • The program will focus on Inclusivity, Skillful Listening and how to Influence through Inspiration.

Expected Outcomes:

  • The "How" to shift from a reactive state to a responsive, skillful state while under pressure.
  • Simple effective techniques that boost Warmth and Confidence and can be applied immediately to presentations, phone meetings, V/C teleconferences, or in-person meetings.
  • You will learn the foundation technique of Centering, Centered Listening for difficult conversations & Influencing through Inspiration.
  • A personal practice plan and ways to continue to build the Leadership Embodiment skills shared in this program.

Partner and Facilitators:

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Leadership Embodiment techniques give us ways to access our creative abilities even in stressful circumstances. Leadership Embodiment develops a more authentic leadership presence that unifies mind, body, emotions and intuition as a way of meeting leadership challenges in today’s changing world. The work offers tools and practices to stay more centered and connected to vision and what is important in the face of conflict, disagreement and adversity.

Learn more about Leadership Embodiment here


Tiphani is a Partner with the Leadership Embodiment Organization. She is an executive coach, speaker and facilitator with 15 years teaching and working with Leadership Embodiment, a model for cultivating leadership presence. Tiphani is known for her warm, clear, accessible approach to sharing the LE principals. This dynamic model offers the individual, group or organization tools and practices to develop presence, confidence and the ability to act from a more effective, centered state.

Some of the companies and venues she has worked with include, George Washington University, Accenture, Comcast, The Gates Foundation, Oracle, Genentech, Gap, Salesforce, NVW Coaching programs, Eileen Fisher, Central California Women Facility, UCSF Chaplain services, UC Hastings College of the Law & Capital Health in Canada.

The Mindful Leadership Summit, in its 4th year, is the world's largest gathering devoted to the advancement of mindfulness and compassion in the workplace. 

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